The temperature of which you serve your red and white wines makes a whole lot of difference on how it is enjoyed and savored by its tasters. Typically, and as a general rule, when it comes to wine serving temperatures, the white wines are best served after they have been chilled. This is because, by chilling them properly and in a slow, stable temperature, you are able to bring out the true essence of these fresh fruity flavors at its height. Though for the cheap white wine bottles, sparkling wines, the sweet and inexpensive ones, you would do best by putting them inside the fridge and letting them get cold longer or at least for a couple of hours. If you are chilling your own bottle, which means it will not really be served to guests, you can use a wine cooler that you have around or you could get a bucket of ice water and put the wine into it. That should do the trick.

While for the red ones, appropriate cooling wine temperature for serving would really be the normal room temperature. Though there are those people who believe that even the red variety should also be chilled, but as to the right temperature and how long it should be inside the fridge, are still up for debate.

So in order for you to ensure that you will not go wrong with red wines, especially if it is meant for a special occasion or an important get-together, make sure to procure the best wine fridge available beforehand. If you want to learn more about wine serving temperature, you can visit

To chill wines correctly in the refrigerator, it is believed that at least one or up to a couple of hours, is appropriate. This would be okay as long as you do not intend to leave them for more than a day sitting inside the fridge, and that you plan to serve them right after getting them out. It would not bode well for the wine if you had already cooled it, then put it in room temperature, then put it back in the best wine cooler again. Doing so would drastically alter its taste and texture, so you might end up feeling rather disappointed once you get to drink it. Also, even if you are in sort of a rush, remember to never pop your bottle directly into the freezer itself unless you want your guests to leave with frowns and grimaces etched in their faces after tasting your frozen wine.


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